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God pardons those who pardon others. Resentment and bitterness poison the soul, for only forgiveness can heal. The gospel of forgiveness is the moral power of God to raise us up from sin and selfishness. We are forgiven on repenting by a simple word of God. Yet forgiveness cost Christ, the divine Forgiver, his very life. When the Christian thinks of the agony, the bloody sweat, shame and pain endured by the Lord Jesus to redeem us of our sins, how can we complain? The saga of Christ’s suffering always opens the fountains of forgiveness in our own hearts.

Also infinite therefore and inexhaustible is the Father’s readiness to receive the prodigal children who return to His home. God’s grace attracts us, draws us unto himself. No human sin can prevail over this power or even limit it. Only a lack of good will can limit it, a lack of readiness to be converted and to repent, in other words, persistence in obstinacy, opposing grace and truth, especially in the face of the witness of the cross and resurrection of Christ.

Sacrament of Penance consists of three steps:

1. Sorrow for sins

2. Confession of all sins

3. Satisfaction / Penance

It is being forgiven by God that we are able to forgive others.


Vote NO so that we have:

  • Freedom of Speech
  • Freedom of Religion
  • Freedom of Education
  • Freedom of Association
  • Freedom of Employment

What difference exists between:

Two men went to a pub to order a drink. One asked for a glass of H20 and the other said a glass of H20 too. Two drinks seemingly the same were delivered. One man died and the other did not. Why?


A police officer pulls over to investigate a bloke unloading garbage out of his ute into a ditch. The officer asks: “Why are you dumping garbage in this ditch?” The man replies: “Don’t you see the sign?” “Well, yes, but...” “Because it reads” the man insists, “Fine for Dumping Garbage.”


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