1st Sunday Lent: temptations

6th Sunday: divine healing

5th Sunday: health or holiness

4th Sunday: harden not your heart

3rd Sunday: reluctant prophet

2nd Sunday: rise & fall

Epiphany: seeking & finding

Christmas: mystery of Bethlehem

3rd Sunday Advent: joyful

2nd Sunday Advent: obstacles on the way

33rd Sunday: talent time

32nd Sunday: stay awake

31st Sunday: text in context

30th Sunday: Great Commandment

29th Sunday: Render unto Ceasar

28th Sunday: Wedding Banquets

24th Sunday: SSM Facts

23rd Sunday: Reality & Appearance

22nd Sunday: Christ on the Cross

21st Sunday: Petrine papacy

20th Sunday: Prayer & Perseverance

19th Sunday: Be not afraid


17th Sunday: Kingdom of God

16th Sunday: Wheat & Weeds

15th Sunday: Divine Sower

14th Sunday: Submit to prayer

13th Sunday: Anyone is someone

12th Sunday: Be not afraid

Corpus Christi

Trinity Sunday

Pentecost Sunday


6th Sunday Easter

5th Sunday Easter

Good Shepherd Sunday

Way to Emmaus

Divine Mercy

Easter Sunday

palm sunday

5th Lent A – catalyst to calvary

4th Lent A – Reality & Appearance

3rd Lent A – at God’s pace

2nd Lent A – total transfiguration

1st Lent A – strategies