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Render unto Ceasar

When the Pharisees attempt to trap the Lord, they pit their pathetic wit against divine wisdom and lose. The ploy seemed perfect yet they failed. Christ rather than offend the state, the Romans, simple exclaimed: “Give unto Ceasar (the coin) what belongs to Ceasar.” In short, let the state govern in its own right provided it does not betray its own edict and assume authority which belongs to God alone.

The government do not give life, so they should not enact laws to take life. The state did not invent marriage so why do they seek to dismantle it? The moral realm once belonged to God and religion and the state governed taxes and the social economy. Today, sadly, the state dictates where it ought not and chooses to call good what is evil and evil what is good. Only God has authority in that moral realm.

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