Fifth Sunday of Lent

Living and Dying according to Lazarus!

Lazarus & Resurrection
There was a growing conviction among the people that the messianic times had now arrived, first through the Baptist’s testimony, then through the words and signs performed by Jesus, especially because of the raising of Lazarus, which had occurred a few days before the entry into Jerusalem. The miracle is a response to the faith of Martha and Mary; it arouses faith in the disciples. The miracle was the catalyst that leads to Calvary. It would provoke Jesus’ arrest and demise on the Cross. Death is not the worst thing in the world but the cause of death, that is sin. Christ died for our sins and rose again, unlike Lazarus in a glorified body. We too, if we are faithful and confess our sins are promised with him the bodily resurrection that awaits all at the end of time.

Momento Mors = Remember Death. Most people do not want to talk about their death or even plan for it. We plan our careers, our retirement, even our funerals,but seldom does one plan their death [suicide being the ugly exception]. I suppose the majority of folk are apprehensive, if not fearful, about the reality of death and what lies beyond. As we ponder the death and resurrection of Lazarus we ought to note some characteristics concerning death – 1). universality – it applies to all humans; 2). finality – there is no second chance; 3). imminence – can occur whenever; 4). unavoidable – it must eventuate. Death actually occurs when the soul definitively separates from the body. This personal event is the consequence of sin and not originally willed by God. The Lord has taught us how to live and how to die. After death we shall all be judged by Christ for all that we have done and failed to do. After which salvation or damnation, heaven or hell, awaits us for all eternity. Thank goodness we have Lent and Confession, Anointing of the sick, to help us prepare for that moment of our lives

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