Prayer is food for the soul!

At Holy Mass we offer bread (food) and wine (drink) that take the place of life, Christ’s life, which is offered in an unbloody manner to God the Father. We are meant to offer ourselves with those gifts. Never be an idle bystander at Mass – offer your intentions with the gifts at the offertory prayers. That drop of water in the chalice represents your prayers to be united with the Blood of Christ.

During October, we ask our guardian angels to inspire us to pray the Rosary daily. The power of this prayer after the Mass and Breviary is very efficacious and beneficial to families and our future. It is a most versatile prayer for it can be said anywhere by anyone. The prayers are easy to learn and the mysteries pondered are based on the real events of Jesus that absorb our daily events and give meaning to the actual issues we confront each day.

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