On the fiftieth day after Easter, the third Person on the Blessed Trinity came, promised by the Lord Jesus, to the Apostles gathered around the Virgin Mary in the Cenacle in Jerusalem. On this day one may say. the Church was born. Conceived from the side of Christ on Calvary, modeled on the Mother of God, the Church is born into the world to sanctify it and transform our hearts and lives. The power of the Spirit given to the Apostles on this day bears witness to the dynamism of divine grace, made manifest through the seven fold Gifts. Each divine Gift perfects one of the seven virtues and adds a new dimension of vitality to our loves. In addition, these Apostles received special charismatic gifts, such as speaking in foreign languages, preaching and healing powers.

Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit?
Wisdom help me to seek God. Make him the centre of my life. May I be pleasing to Him so that peace and love will be always in my soul.
Understanding gives light to my mind so that I may know and love the truths of faith and make them my own.
Knowledge help me to know good from evil. May I always do what is right in the sight of God
Counsel give me light and guide me in all my ways so that I may always know and do your holy will.
Fortitude give strength to my soul in every time of trouble or danger. Let me never offend God by willful sin and strengthen me against temptation.
Piety live in my heart, draw it to true faith in you to a holy love of you, my God, so that I may always seek you.
Fear of God make me always remember your presence in my soul. Keep me from sin and give me great reverence for God and for all people
created in the image and likeness of God.




Contributions / Collections
1st – Priest: Hume BSB 640000  Acc: 111031654 Name: Holy Spirit Presbytery

2nd- Parish: Hume BSB 640000  Acc: 111056699 Name: Holy Spirit Parish