Do not let your hearts be troubled … Let us trust in God lest we become fearful. Any and every form of trust implies a source of reliance or dependence. Children trust their parents. We only trust a person or institution that bears the hallmark of authentic authority. The greater the voice of authority the more likely one is to trust, listen and obey. Do people trust the Church today? Does the Church still have authority? The historical foundations of the Church cannot be shaken nor moved. The Church today is the Church of the twelve Apostles, founded by Christ, who is its Head, guided by the Holy Spirit, who is its Heart, to praise and give glory to the Father, who is its Origin. Of all the thousands of communities that claim Christ to be their Lord, only one Church can claim to have an unbroken chain that links us to Jesus, the King of kings. The more one studies Church history the more Catholic one becomes. When one probes the trials and tribulations of the Church over the centuries the greater one’s conviction that this Church is not of human origin or design. So learn your history, steep yourself in the past, so as to be convinced of the future and be able to trust in God, and not be afraid.

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1st – Priest: Hume BSB 640000  Acc: 111031654 Name: Holy Spirit Presbytery

2nd- Parish: Hume BSB 640000  Acc: 111056699 Name: Holy Spirit Parish