The word for devil or diabolos in Greek means the divided one – or one who sows division, conflict and disarray. Evil spirits are fallen creatures, who once were angels in God’s service, now they seek to cause strife and division in God’s realm. In the first book of everyone’s Bible, Genesis, we read that our first parents, Adam and Eve, were in perfect harmony with God and creation – all their needs were met. Filled with grace, they sought to please God and comply with his will. Yet they would be tested. When Satan entered into their domain, they became confused and misconstrued God’s plan for them. Then, Eve and Adam were both tempted and disobeyed God. In both cases they gave their physical well being greater priority than their spiritual well being. And grace was lost. Often, we, too, do the same thing.
As persons God gives us a dignity with human rights for we are made in his image. That is, our soul possesses two spiritual powers: (a) intellect to know the truth; (b) and the will to choose what is good. FREE WILL is the ability to make a CHOICE. Any choice or decision implies a variety of options of which one wins out. Daily we make hundreds of decisions, actual choices, that form the fabric of our life against the backdrop of eternity.

A little girl was sitting next to her grandfather as he was reading her a story at bedtime. At times, she would look at him rather than the book. Then, she touched his cheeks and touched hers. After a while, she asked: “Grandpa, did God make you?” He replied: “Yes, dear, a long time ago!” She paused and asked again: “Grandpa, did God make me?” “Yes, little one, not so long ago.” She reached up and felt his wrinkled face, then hers again. Looking up at him, she sighed and whispered: “God’s getting better at it, isn’t he!”





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