I am the Bread of Life!

Jesus said: “I am the Bread of Life!” In making such a proclamation, He left Himself open to misunderstanding and doubt. Nevertheless, he continued in His assertion that we must eat His Body in order that we might have life in us. The key to understanding this unique text of Saint John (ch. 6) on the Real Presence of Christ in the Holy Eucharist, resides in the meaning of the word used here for life (zoe). This term in the original Greek of the New Testament is not biological nor psychic life, but spiritual and eternal life. Jesus wants to prepare us for everlasting life and He does that by making us holy or saintly by internal communing with us. Hence the words holy communion.

This weekend, is termed HOPE Sunday, for we are also reminded that God is also the author of our physical life which ought to be protected from conception to the grave. If we humans cannot give life, then we should not take it. Also, let us foster hope in our ailments and pain, knowing that God sees our suffering. At the same time, nobody needs to suffer or find that their life is meaningless with Palliative Care support services in our very midst.

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