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How do I inherit eternal life?

What good must I do to have eternal life?” can only be found by turning one’s mind and heart to the “One” who is good: “No one is good but God alone” (Mk 10:18; cf. Lk 18:19). Only God can answer the question about what is good, because he is the Good itself. To ask about the good, in fact, ultimately means to turn towards God, the fullness of goodness. Jesus shows that the young man’s question is really a religious question, He is the source of man’s happiness.

The Ten Commandments lay the foundations for the vocation of man fashioned in the image of God; they prohibit what is contrary to the love of God and neighbor and prescribe what is essential to it. God wrote on the tables of the Law what men did not read in their hearts. The Lord’s Sermon on the Mount, far from abolishing or devaluing the moral prescriptions of the Old Law, releases their hidden potential and has new demands that arise from them. It does not add new external precepts, but proceeds to reform the heart, the root of human acts, where man chooses between the pure and the impure so that with faith, hope, and charity are formed and with them the other virtues.

If you want to be perfect…

Jesus said that it was very difficult for a rich person to enter heaven. Why? Because they are so attached to things, their wealth, that they have little ‘room’ left in their hearts to be attached to Someone.

The way and at the same time the content of this perfection consist in the following of Jesus, once one has given up one’s own wealth and very self. This is precisely the conclusion of Jesus’ conversation with the young man: “Come, follow me” (Mt 19:21). It is an invitation the marvellous grandeur of which will be fully perceived by the disciples after Christ’s Resurrection, when the Holy Spirit leads them to all truth (cf. Jn 16:13).


God, I come before You in need of your help. In the coming days and weeks I have my HSC exams. Give me courage to face these exams calmly. May I read each question carefully, identify what is asked and use my time well. Give me wisdom in my answers. Help me to know that no matter what takes place You will continue with Your grace to guide me to a fulfilling life.

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