Christ is the Good Shepherd who has appointed shepherds for His Church. The structure of the pastoral scene is:
 Pope – visible head shepherd
 Bishop – local chief shepherd
 Priest – parish shepherd
 Laity – God’s flock.

All shepherds, in imitation of the Good Shepherd should tend their flocks. What does tend infer? In ancient times a shepherd lived with and cared for his flock in a personal way – he may have had names for each of his sheep. At least, he knew their needs and provided for them rich pastures. Today all pastors are called to nourish their sheep with balanced doctrine that is faithful to Christ and his Church.  Apart from teaching, a shepherd protects the flock from wolves and priests are called to protect the flock from pernicious assailants especially virtual ones that cause much injury to mind and soul. How many have been led astray or been harmed by a particular website, blog or video! Lastly, a shepherd heals the flock when they injury themselves. Likewise a priest is called to manifest the healing ministry of Christ of mind, body, soul to all of the faithful, wherever they may be.




Contributions / Collections
1st – Priest: Hume BSB 640000  Acc: 111031654 Name: Holy Spirit Presbytery

2nd- Parish: Hume BSB 640000  Acc: 111056699 Name: Holy Spirit Parish