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2nd Sunday of Advent


Holy Spirit, Lavington
Eve – Sun 24th: 6 pm, 8 pm   Day – Mon 25th: 9 am [8 am Latin E.F]
St. Mary’s, Jindera
Eve – Sun 24th: 6 pm             Day – Mon 25th: 9 am

Who will YOU invite to Christmas Mass this year ?

Prepare ye the way of the Lord. What way? Then, before we receive an answer we hear make his paths straight, level out the hills…. We can visualize a construction gang with massive machinery putting a road through some difficult pass. But it says: You prepare the way! The way to Christ needs to be as short and as easy as possible. Remove all the difficult passes and hills, make it flat and smooth. Get rid of any obstacles that impede your path. What obstacles? The biggest and most common obstacle or barrier to the presence of God within is sin.

It was for that reason, St John the Baptist had people seek forgiveness of their sins in preparation for the coming of Jesus. We need to do likewise before Christmas. Today, however, there is a universal denial or eclipse of sin in our culture. Our society is adamant in addressing diseases of the body, illnesses of the mind but it is in denial concerning any cancer of the soul. Why? Because some people don’t know what sin is? Such as drunkenness, fornication, adultery, abuse…  It is called ignorance! Others know they but are enjoying their bodily pleasures too much to want to change. One day they intend to do something about it, but not just yet. The doing action in need of activation is repent: to seek forgiveness. It means to turn around – come from the dark into the light.

The longer we deny the reality of sin the greater our danger of perdition. Gradually we lose hope – it just fades away. Some years ago a German philosopher, Josef Pieper (who died in 1997, at 93 yrs old), wrote a sublime little book On Hope. Hope is a fundamental virtue of the Christian life. One day we will finish the race and possess the fullness of life that God gives. But in this world we are on the journey. Hope is a theological virtue: something divine that happens in us through God’s presence and work in our lives. God brought us into existence ex nihilo–out of nothing. We are His creatures and derive our existence from Him. It is our nature to move toward being, and hope keeps us centered in this longing to be who God made us to be. Without hope we will turn in sin back toward the nothingness from which we came. Remember the Ringwraiths or Nazgul they were once men! This true Christian hope is something we can’t live without. A life of being-on-the-way has guardrails on both sides of the path: humility and magnanimity. Hope is about becoming who we truly are, and humility and magnanimity grant us accurate self-understanding. Pieper’s definition of humility is crystal clear: “Humility is the knowledge and acceptance of the inexpressible distance between Creator and creature.”


A little girl was at her first wedding and asked her mother after the event: “Why did the lady change her mind?” Her mother said: “What do you mean?” “Well, she came down the aisle with one man and left with another.”

2Fr. Peter Murphy – Parish Priest

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