In the first few days of the month of October, the liturgy of the Church reminds us of the existence of angels. Do they really exist? And if so, what are they like? Jesus teaches us that we all have a guardian angel. The whole Bible is filled with multiple examples of their presence and powerful existence. Overall these texts provide us with a list of nine kinds or choirs of angels that perhaps number into the trillions. As with ourselves, some are simple and insignificant while others are strong and awesome.

Are angels like fairies? If they aren’t then why do we depict them as such? Fairies belong to fiction and angels to reality. Any attempt by us to describe angels always betrays their true nature for they are pure spirits while we humans are composite creatures: body and soul. We cannot imagine a being devoid of matter. We even dress God the Father up as a ‘santa’ figure complete with a big beard! The wing thing is symbolic, of course, to express how quickly they can move around – being body-less they don’t have our transport issues.

How old are the angels? Who knows – besides God! All the angels were created and tested long before us humans. Also age is measured by us in terms of our bodily growth and they don’t have a body. Furthermore, they don’t die for death is the separation of the body from the soul. Like us, however, the angels are persons endowed with an intellect and will. Being a superior being their mode of communication far surpasses ours. Of course, those angels who failed their divine test became demons filled with hate and bitterness; but that is another subject matter. Don’t forget to talk to your personal angel seeking their assistance and guidance!

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