Sixteenth Sunday

In the first reading Jeremiah laments that leaders or shepherds mislead God’s people. In his time, when Jerusalem was devastated and God’s people were in disarray, confused not knowing where to turn, who to follow, Jeremiah steps up and provides bold leadership. We all need leadership, we all need to be educated. The word education is based on the Latin word to lead: ducere. Thus, the one that leads is the dux. The day we stop learning is the day we die. Everyday is another day to learn something new, to be led and fed. In the Gospel, the Lord reminds us that He is our true Leader, who calls us to follow Him: Come away… And He taught them at some length.” What joy to be taught by the Lord God. To be led to the truth by He who is the Truth. Since we are constantly learning, ask yourself, who am I following? Who is my leader, teacher or guide? From whom do I source my info? Who do I listen to? What websites, TV shows most influence me? The teaching branch of the Church is called the Magisterium. The word Magister is Latin for teacher. So the Popes, Church Councils, encyclicals are God’s way of teaching us today. Did not Christ himself say: “He who hears you hears me” (Luke 10:16). So tune into and follow the Church as your Mother and Teacher – Mater et Magistra!

Just as our minds need direction so too does our soul. Thus it is a good thing to go and rest for awhile on retreat – to refresh the soul!
Spiritual Rest = Leisure
Sunday is meant to be Sunday our day of rest – leisure time.
Weekly detox program for the soul:
Step 1 : attend Sunday Mass.
Step 2 : re-create time.
Step 3 : avoid materialism.
Step 4 : contemplate eternity.

Towards the end of the sermon on mercy, the priest reminded everyone to forgive their enemies. He asked everyone to raise their hands if they have forgiven their enemies. Everyone’s hand when up except Mrs Flynn in the front pew. The priest looked at her and asked: “Mrs Flynn, for the love of God, can you not forgive others?” She replied: “I don’t have any enemies Father.” Amazed, the priest, knowing her age, said: “Mrs Flynn tell me, how can someone live for 92 years and have no enemies?” She smirked and said: “Easy Father… I have outlived the wretches!






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