Sunday Homilies

30th Sunday: Laws in the game of Life

28th Sunday: God’s Banquet

26th Sunday: Angels of God

25th Sunday: Godly generosity

24th Sunday: hearty forgiveness

22nd Sunday: three obstacles

20th Sunday: God’s favourites

19th Sunday: be not afraid

18th Sunday: divine providence

17th Sunday: kingdom’s history

16th Sunday: weeds and patience

15th Sunday: sower and Camillus

14th Sunday: bear my yoke

13th Sunday: divine blessings

12th Sunday: thinskinned

Corpus Christi

Trinity Sunday

Pentecost Sunday

Ascension: Heaven Matters

Sixth Sunday Easter: Expectation

Fifth Sunday Easter: Trust and pray

Fourth Sunday Easter: Good Shepherd

Third Sunday Easter: Way to Emmaus

Divine Mercy Sunday

Easter Sunday: alleluia

Palm Sunday: fickle of faithful

5th Sunday Lent: covid, catalyst & Calvary

4th Sunday Lent: reality & appearance

3rd Sunday Lent: at God’s pace

2nd Sunday Lent: faceless God

1st Sunday Lent: temptation time

8th Sunday: do not worry

7th Sunday: forGIVEness

6th Sunday: laws & virtues

5th Sunday: salt & light

4th Sunday: divine blessings

3rd Sunday: Apostolic followers

2nd Sunday: Lamb of God

Christmas Mass

4th Advent: final stage

3rd Advent: voice and word

2nd Advent: prepare ye the way

1st Advent

Christ the King

3rd Sunday: end times

32nd Sunday: death & rising

31st Sunday: weak & strong

30th Sunday: prayer and pride

29th Sunday: signs & symbols

28th Sunday: sick strangers

27th Sunday: faith & prayer

26th Sunday: Sins of omission

25th Sunday: Blessed are the poor

24th Sunday: God’s presence

23rd Sunday: bear the cross

22nd Sunday: humble saints

21st Sunday: Strive to Survive

20th Sunday: Focus on the goal

19th Sunday: God’s athletes

18th Sunday: global greed

17th Sunday: Prayer & Perseverance

16th Sunday: Martha & Mary

15th Sunday: Good Samaritan

14th Sunday: kingdom of God

13th Sunday: obstacles on the way

12th Sunday: petrine ministry & church

11th Sunday: omission and contrition

10th Sunday: meaning of miracles

Corpus Christi: real presence

Trinity Sunday: nature and person

Pentecost Sunday: God’s gifts

Ascension Sunday: be hopeful

Sixth Sunday of Easter: Four Crisis

Fifth Sunday of Easter: God’s Warriors

Fourth Sunday of Easter: Good Shepherd

Third Sunday of Easter: Petrine Primacy

Divine Mercy

Easter Sunday

Palm Sunday

5th Sunday of Lent

4th Sunday of Lent: Two Sons

3rd Sunday of Lent

2nd Sunday of Lent

1st Sunday of Lent

5th Sunday: be not afraid

4th Sunday: three virtues

3rd Sunday: Gospel of Luke

2nd Sunday: Cana to Calvary

Baptism of the Lord

Epiphany of the Lord

Holy Family Sunday

4th Sunday Advent: presents or presence

3rd Sunday Advent

2nd Sunday Advent

1st Sunday Advent

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