Saint of the Week

Chair of Saint Peter February 22nd

On February 22nd the Church honours the chair of the first pope, Saint Peter. In Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome the Chair of Saint Peter is adorned on his feast day. Also inside the massive bronze chair centred in the apse of this renowned Basilica, held up by four early Church Fathers, each meters in height, is a small ancient chair that tradition claims St Peter did sit on when teaching catechism in Rome. Such imagery is external show, however, for the reality that the ‘chair’ is a symbol of one’s teaching authority. In Jewish times, a Rabbi always sat when teaching. This tradition of being seated (on a chair) while instructing the faithful was carried on in every diocese of the Church where there is a bishop whose church is a Cathedral (cathedra being Greek for chair). The head of all bishops, who appoints them is the pope. So we honour on this day his teaching authority, sometimes called the Magisterium of the Church.
Kid’s Humour A catechist was instructing the children on how they ought to behave in Church and asked: “Why should we not talk in Church? One new girl replied: “We don’t want to wake those who are sleeping”!