Saint of the Week

Our Lady of Guadalupe

December 12th

Our Lady of Guadalupe, whose shrine near Mexico City attracts far more pilgrims than any other Marian shrine on earth, and still baffles science.

Our Lady is still gradually revealing her message through features of the holy Image; 1) that it’s scientifically impossible for the image’s cactus-fiber to have lasted more than a few years, let alone nearly 500 years; 2) that Mary’s image is intact despite a nitric acid spill (1778) and an atheist’s bomb (1921); 3) that the colors not being paint are a complete mystery; 4) how Mary’s eyes seem like living eyes; 5) that some experts say you can see the reflections of St. Juan Diego and others in her eyes; 6) that the temperature of her Image always remains stable regardless of the air temperature; 7) that the stars on Mary’s mantle are those that were above Mexico City on the day of the miracle; 8) that many believe Mary is pregnant; 9) that her Image brought the conversion of nine million Indians in less than a decade; 10) that what the Aztecs saw in the Image ended their satanic human sacrifices. What an amazing image!