Saint of the Week

Saints Peter & Paul

29th June

Saint Peter, the teacher

Jesus looked this fisherman full in the face and said: “Thou art Simon, the son of John; thou shall be called Cephas”, “Rock” in Aramaic which in Greek is Petros and in English Peter (Mt. 16). After being the Bishop of Antioch, St. Peter went to Rome and ever since the pope has been the Bishop of Rome. He died there in 67 by crucifixion upside down.

Saint Paul, the preacher

There is something unique about Saint Paul’s understanding of Christ. After persecuting Christians he became the great apostle of the risen Savior to the non Jews. Converted suddenly by the grace of Christ on the road to Damascus, he would spend the rest of his days as a Catholic Bishop testifying to the power of that grace. He died by decapitation in Rome, 67 AD. Have you seen the recent film on Paul, the Apostle?